Frequently asked questions

Use our macro calculator to find the right choices for your plan! If your still not sure, send our team an email and we can assist you!

If you miss the pick up time, someone on our team will contact you and charge a small fee to deliver it that night. (or discuss other arrangements). We are unable to keep meals over night, and can not guarantee freshness if they are left in their cooler longer than 6 hours.

Yes! We recommend you subscribed to ensure you never miss a week! You can put holds on your account when you know you are out of town or wont be needing meals then just activate again when you’re ready.

YES! We offer a phone consultation to each and every customer to ensure they are getting what they want and need. We even have personal trainers that can assist you in your fitness goals. Just email for more info!

Yes, your macros for each meal will be on the label for easy tracking!

If its a meal we normally make, but you do not see if in the Rotating menu, send us an email to see if we can still make it for you! If its a meal idea you have for us to offer, definitely send us an email and we will do our best to accommodate!

We do not claim to have a peanut free facility. We dont offer peanuts on the menu, but we do share a kitchen and can not assume cross contamination will not happen. We also offer gluten free option for our meals! Be sure to specify in your profile that you are gluten free. And as always, if you get sent a meal that is not what you order, email us and we will make it right!

The bulk order option is for just meat, cooked and prepared so you can add to your own meals at home. We offer it in 10oz and 1lb options. If you need more, dont hesitate to message us and we can price up whatever amount you need.

Our regular sized meals are 4oz portions of meat / Plant-based Protein and carbs with 3oz green veggies. Our large sized meat meals are 8oz portions of meat and carbs and 5oz green veggies. The large plant based meals, are 6oz portions protein and carbs and 5oz green veggies. The reason behind a smaller serving size of the plant-based meals, is that plant protein uses a lot of ingredients to create a whole protein, which means there will be trace amounts of carbs and fat as well as protein. Compared to meat, which is a single item ingredient of just being a protein source. Have a look at the nutrition labels before ordering to ensure your meals are exactly what you want!